Let’s face the facts; vehicles are a necessity in our lives and they cost loads of money to insure, maintain, operate, and to buy. For most of us our cars are the most technologically sophisticated and complex machines we own. The days of working on them in the driveway seem to be a thing of the past. Now you have to spend as much on a computer to diagnose the car as it costs to buy the car. Mechanic shops charge as high as $120 per hour to diagnose and make repairs. Unfortunately the more advanced our vehicles become the more training and specialized equipment is needed to make repairs. Because of this and other factors the cost of owning and operating a vehicle is going to continue to be hard on our budgets.

Here is a Q&A that you should have with your sales person prior to buying any new or used car

  1. What is the warranty term and what is covered?
    Our term is 36 months and 36,000 miles. The Power train is covered by this limited warranty. Always remember that warranties are legal documents and they should be reviewed thoroughly. In Kansas we also have an implied warranty of merchantability.
  2. What inspections were performed on this vehicle prior to it being listed for sale?
    We complete three inspections to develop our work order prior to sale. 1st is a computer diagnostic check to evaluate the engine and component performance. 2nd is an on lift inspection of the drive train on the vehicle. 3rd inspection is a 160 point checklist to evaluate the performance of items including: windows, lights, radio, CD player, entertainment, wipers, power door locks, sunroof, and several others. Please ask to see any of the checklists we use or for a tour of our facilities (there is a framed checklist in our waiting area and sales office). After repair we also have a post-repair test drive by two different individuals.
  3. What repairs were completed on this vehicle prior to it being listed for sale?
    All of the cars we have offered for sale have a booklet on the dash that contains our work history on that vehicle. It details both the labor and parts that were performed on the unit.
  4. What is on the Auto Check or CarFax and what does that mean to me?
    Also in the booklet that you find in all of our vehicles is a copy of the Auto Check. These documents are a compilation of data from many different sources. Please ask your sales person to go through this with you if you have any questions.
  5. Can I have the vehicle inspected by a 3rd Party?
    Without a doubt if you are uncertain about anything on the vehicle you should have it inspected by 3rd party. This is for the same reason we have two different people test drive each vehicle. Different eyes see different things and we are dealing with complex machines.
  6. What happens if I need repairs that are outside the warranty term or coverage?
    Like we mentioned above; vehicles are most likely the most complex and sophisticated machines that you own. New or used they are going to breakdown at some point. It may be a bad battery, a sensor, or even a bad gas cap. The point is that no matter what anyone tells you warranties will not solve all of your problems. The difference between us and our competition is what we do to help customers solve these problems. Don’t just take our word for it look over our testimonials and come down and see for yourselves. Most times during the day you will find some of our customers in our office. Ask them what they think and what makes us the difference in their car buying experience.