Complete Auto has an awesome warranty and service

Our warranty at Complete Auto comes with every car. Three years, 36,000 miles. Power train warranty, engine, transmission, starter, alternator, battery. 

There is a $200 deductible on the warranty with any service needed, and we do the repairs. It’s pretty easy—actually, really easy—to get approval for anything that needs to be done under warranty or any other service.

We tell the customer to bring the car in. If it’s a warrantied item, we’ll call them and tell them, “Hey it’s gonna be X amount of days. We’re going to get it done.” There is no process.

And I know what you’re thinking, that they gotta email the invoice over. We don’t do that. We have our own service center.

Once again, that’s the advantage of dealing with us rather someone off the street or any other car dealer. It’s all in-house. The warranty is in-house. You’re dealing with us. I can’t say how many times people come in and say, “Hey, I took my car to a shop, and they completely screwed it up.”

We have three techs, technically. And we have two shops in Kansas City that has 20 bays with nine techs, and a full body shop with two techs. We also repair and replace windshields.

We also do insurance work for our customers.

I know I’ve been hammering it in, that customers are dealing with us. We feel like that’s a lost service; other dealers just pawn their work off on other companies. They sell it, they do this, that, and the other. You’re dealing with us the entire time.

We don’t have to fax off the estimate to a warranty company. The service manager makes the call right then and there if it’s covered or not covered.