Complete Auto offers rentals


Our vehicle rental service is a totally separate business but it is all at the same store. We do have rental cars available for various reasons, travel service, warranties, etc.

It’s pretty simple. If you ever rent a car from Enterprise or other car rental agencies, you’re going to have to use a credit card. The majority of our customer base doesn’t necessarily have a credit card. If you use one, they put a big hold on your debit card and you can’t access your funds.

We’ll rent a car based on—basically—cash. All you have to have is a driver’s license and valid liability insurance, and then we can get you into a rental car.

Mostly our current customers use that service. Reasons are if they need something bigger to travel with on a road trip. Or a traveler’s car broke down. Cars break. Sometimes there are warranty issues so we’ll put customers in a rental car. They get into a car accident, we can get them into a rental car.

We’re a full-service auto company. Someone can rent a car, buy a car, finance a car, insure the car, we fix the car, maintain the car, and warranty the car. Our name reflects what we offer: Complete Autos. Everything a customer needs is offered in-house.