Surprise Dont Panic

You’re in the right place.

For the last few months, the owners of  C&S Corporation, Dave’s Auto Sales, and KC Cars 4 Less have been in the process of changing the names of all of our locations. From now on, we will simply be known as Complete Auto Sales.  

Keep reading for what these changes mean and the benefit to you:

Our name, logo, signs, website, emails, and anything with any of our old names will all change to Complete Autos.

What ISN’T Changing

The same great people will still look out for you. We will keep serving the community by volunteering our time and presence at our local elementary school and offering land and resources for a community garden for immigrants.

Why the name change?

We changed the names of all our locations because we want one awesome name to reflect what we’re really about—we offer complete solutions for everyone’s auto needs: we sell vehicles, service and repair them, insure them, finance them, and even rent them.  

We’ve always taken care of the friends and family referrals you send our way. We think that explaining what we do may be easier to for them to understand that we offer a “Complete Solution.” People prefer business names that are easy to remember and understand. And they’ll appreciate you for pointing them to us!

You can still Drive Home Happy from Complete Auto Sales in Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Warrensburg.

See you soon!