Talk to us if you're in trouble with payments

Sometimes people get late on their payments. Sometimes they stop making their payments.

A lot of trouble can be avoided if you come in and just talk to us about it in person. You can call over the phone. And yes, we do have people that will call you--we trusted you with financing.

But really, if you want help, it’s not hard to ask. Just come in and ask for it. It’s a relationship. We’re together for three years on a contract.

Sometimes there comes a point where customers aren’t paying. Unfortunately, we have to say, “Yeah, we have to go pick up a car.” We don’t want that.

I don’t know how many thousands of cars we’ve sold over the years, but you can ask any of those customers. The bottom line is we have pick a vehicle up occasionally and the customer is upset about it. I promise you that when they look back, they’re probably like, “Yeah, I just didn’t pay.”

We’re not unfair. Our goal is to get you to pay the car off. It costs us way more money—even though people don’t think so—to take your car, pick it up, wait so many days, run it through the shop, fix everything if there’s stuff wrong with it, then we gotta clean it, then put it on the lot, then we gotta pay to market that car so that we can sell it again. So yeah, it’s not cheap.

We’d rather work with you, but you have to be reasonable, rational, and fair. We’re reasonable, rational, and fair about it, too.

The worse thing anyone one can do is hide from us, dodge the phone calls, etc. We really want to help our customers succeed and pay the car off.