The first thing to do when you’re ready to look

Someone who is ready to come see us just needs to come in and fill out a finance application. Honestly, that’s the best thing to do first. Then we can work from there.

Like buying a vehicle anywhere and you’re getting it financed, we need paystubs, proof of residence, those sorts of things. Having all that ready can make the process quicker. But ultimately, really the way to get started is to fill out an application online or come in and do it.

To make the process go faster, they should have all their ducks in a row first. If you have proof of income and proof of residency, and valid ID, that’s pretty much all you need. The nice thing is, nowadays with technology, that stuff usually is all on the phone.

At Complete Auto Sales, we know we can get something done; the max it will take to get an answer is 15-20 minutes. We tell you: This is what it is, this is what we can do.

At that point, we can have anybody in and out the door as soon as they get their insurance. That seems to be the longest part is getting ahold of insurance agents. That’s why we started offering insurance because it makes the process go faster.

We know how big of a pain in the rear end it is to buy a car. Personally, I hate to do it myself, and it’s our primary business. We don’t have commissioned sales staff. Prices are what they are. There’s no haggling, no real negotiation. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward process.

If you’re prepared, we can get it done in 30 minutes. Most of the time, we’re waiting on customers to come up with their paycheck stubs or proof of insurance or proof of residence— anything else like that. But if they have everything done, it’s 30 minutes.

Test drive a vehicle from our inventory, sign the paperwork, and you’re done.

If you need insurance, we have that too.

We have licensed insurance agents in the office for both customers and non-customers: auto insurance, home insurance. We have another thousand customers on that end as well.

Each policy is based on what the customer needs. We have different carriers. We’re not tapped into one like State Farm or something like that. We have different carriers: Progressive, Farmers, Trader’s, it’s a whole host of insurance carriers we provide.

We work with the customer with insurance the same way we work with cars—what do they need, and what they can afford.