The most important thing to know when buying a used car


To me the bottom line is trusting the people you’re buying the vehicle from. You can throw all kinds of things like warranties, this, that, and the other. But the bottom line is that the warranty is only as good as the people who stand behind it.

I’ve heard nightmare stories from people, oh they get upsold a $2,000 warranty and then they go to put a claim in and the seller says “Well, that little cog right there is the only thing excluded from the warranty and you were two miles off your oil change, so we’re not going to warranty it.” The bottom line is, you gotta trust where you’re getting your car.
Who’s gonna be there when the problem happens? There’s going to be a problem eventually. Be it with your financing, your car, or anything like that. Somebody’s gotta be there when there’s a problem and hopefully it’s not a 1-800 number so you can talk to the actual physical person who can do something about it.

And that’s something that for us is super important because the person you buy the car from, they can’t go hide. If you’ve got an issue, you’ll want to come in every day. That person’s going to be there.

With most dealerships, when you show up with an issue, they’ll say, “Oh, he’s on lunch, what’s your problem? Oh, ok, well you gotta call Ford, or this 800 number.” Or they say it’s not their problem. So, with us, that’s really where not only are we different, but we know that’s how you want to do business whether you’re buying a car or anything else—you buy from people you trust. You trust that they did what they said they did. Trust they’re going to do what they say they’re going to do.

I could go out and tell customers, “Oh yeah, you need to check this, and have your local mechanic check it.” And this, that, and the other. The car’s got 100,000 plus parts on it. They can’t check every single part. It’s an educated guess at that point.

So when it hits the fan, at whatever point, whether something happens in your life and you can’t make a payment, or something happens to your car, or you need something—natural maintenance just happens to a car. Tires, oil changes, those sorts of things. It goes beyond just the purchase of the car but the maintenance of the car.