We help you get the perfect car

When someone comes onto our lot looking for a vehicle, our staff can help match people up with vehicles, and go over their budget. Sometimes people have champagne taste on a beer budget.

Our real focused Mom doesn’t always want to drive a minivan. She usually wants an SUV. We do our best to try and get them in something they want. I feel like we are pretty successful at that. They may be looking at a 2016 Ford Explorer, and they can only afford the 2010. But I do believe that we do our best, and are pretty successful at getting them in a car they do want. Is it always the exact car? No.

But you go to a new car dealer, and that same thing happens. You’re looking at the brand new Tahoe loaded to the gills, and they want five grand down, and all you got is two grand. I don’t think we’re really up against anything as far as that goes. We tend between the four lots, and in each lot we have 150 to 200.

We can move inventory between lots, so it’s usually pretty easy to get them a car they want for a fair price.

We try to find something at least in the same type of vehicle they’re looking for that we can finance. Most people come in and want an SUV, so we try to find an SUV that fits their budget. Same thing with a car or van. But we’re not going to force anyone into the only car they can afford. We’ll let them go on down the stream if it comes to that. They’re not going to be happy in the long run.

We’re not here to tell anyone what’s practical, though. A guy wants a sports car but he’s got a family of six? Well that’s his prerogative, not mine. If he wants a sports car and his wife isn’t going to shoot him, I guess, you know.