We love trade-ins

We love trade-ins. We absolutely love trade-ins. We take anything on trade as long as we don’t have to feed it.

Bring your trade-in in, walk up to the front door, we’ll take it from there. That’s it. Not really difficult.

Once again, new car stores have this whole process: “Let me get my guy to look at it, the service manager has to come drive it, then he’s gotta talk to the used car manager,” and and blah blah blah blah blah. If the used car manager is gone, he’s gotta call him. An hour and a half later, he says he can give you $200.

Whatever we tell you we’ll give you for the car, we’ll write you a check for the car, too. You don’t even have to trade it.

We don’t ever turn away trade-ins. Some end up in our inventory. If a trade-in is one of the cars that we can’t fix it or it’s on your do not buy list, we send it to the auction or scrap it— for lack of a better term. We’ll use it for parts and pieces.

If we decide to sell it, the car goes through the same process as if we bought it at auction. We service it, fix anything that needs it. And we stick to the three-year, 36,000 mile warranty. The mileage will vary based on the car that we get. There’s no used car factory, so I can’t call anyone up and have them deliver it. It doesn’t happen.

I have to actually find that car, and that car has to meet the our standards, and then we sell the car. We don’t the lot sectioned off, either. There’s a wide range of a little bit of everything.

The price of the car we re-sell really depends on the year and the miles more than anything else. We stand behind the $6,995 car as much as we do the $20,000 car. There is no real difference. In our eyes, it still has to meet the same standards. It has to get the person to work. It has to get their kids to soccer games.

The thing is, we work really hard to get a car ready. We work really hard to clean the car.

We also don’t offer discounts to anyone who wants to pay cash for a car. That discount wouldn’t be fair to us. It’s not fair to the consumer. Arguably, it defeats the whole purpose of why we’re in business. So a guy who has great credit deserves a lower price and can pay for it in cash? But a guy who has bad credit, I’m gonna give him financing and then whack it to him even again? No.  

We don’t get rebates and stuff back from factories on our vehicles.