What does buy-here pay-here mean

A buy-here pay-here dealership is the perfect place for someone who has bad or no credit. They lost a job, got a divorce, family emergencies that drained the income—and they need a vehicle but no other dealerships will sell to them because banks won’t finance them.

Buy-here pay-here dealerships like Complete Auto Sales sells to you—the person—rather than going by what your number says on your credit bureau score.

So we take into account more factors because we are the one financing the car, and we’re the ones selling you the car. So they can simplify the process and make it a little more transparent for you, the buyer.

It doesn’t matter if you have something in your history where you came on hard times or had a life change or something came up unexpected where you can’t go through traditional financing like a bank. What we do is finance everything in house.

That means that Complete Auto Sales is where you buy the car from and are also where you make your payments.

With “traditional” dealerships, you would buy the car from X dealership, but send your payments to Y bank. Those are two separate transactions. Buy-here pay-here is where we just build it into one.

That gives us the opportunity to finance somebody like yourself or somebody who doesn’t have the best of credit because we can make the determination based on other factors that we believe are more important than what your credit score is.

We understand that stuff happens. So we’re banking on the fact that you are in it to get things back on the right track. We’re here to help you do that. In a perfect world, every customer who we get leaves here with restored credit and can go and buy a car in a traditional manner X amount of years down the line. So that’s kind of why we exist and that’s who we are here to help.

But then again, some of our existing customers don’t like the traditional banking system anyway. It’s simpler to buy a car from us than it is to go through that process. They don’t get the flexibility somewhere else that they get with us as the buy-here, pay-here dealership, and then they really don’t get to talk to whoever’s financing their car—which makes a big different with some of the repeat referrals.

We do have a good chunk of business from people who could go buy a car in a traditional manner, but they don’t because they know if something happens, we’re here to help. Whereas in a traditional dealership, they’ve got to jump through a bunch of hoops.
They’re just a number there. They’re not a name.