What exactly is Complete Auto

Complete Auto Sales is a buy here, pay here dealership in Kansas City, Kansas, St. Joseph and Warrensburg, Missouri. Our target customer is someone who has a history of not so good credit, dings on their credit, had life situations arise that maybe hurt them in the past. We’re focused on customers who are looking to better their future and looking for a second chance.

We really look at people who are truthful, I guess. The big thing on a credit app isn’t necessarily what’s on their credit, per se, it’s what they tell us during the application process—for example, if we catch mismatches to us that’s not good. We’re financing somebody because we trust them. It’s a trust process, and it goes 50/50. They have to trust us that we’re going to provide them reliable transportation. On the other end, we have to trust that they’re going to pay us, which is different than your traditional car lot where that note or that loan is sold to a bank and that bank doesn’t care. You miss one payment, you’re done.

We haven’t been in business for 30 years for nothing, so we really pride ourselves in trusting the individual and really interviewing them, seeing what they’re about, which is essentially our credit process.

Services that we provide: We also provide vehicle maintenance as far as oil changes, those sorts of things. We also do any sort of maintenance like brakes, tires, issues that comes up with a car. We have two shops here in Kansas City, one in St. Joe, and one in Warrensburg, so we not only sell the car, but we help service it at any point down the line if they need help.

This is another advantage that we have over everybody else. Not all buy-here pay-heres have service in-house where that stuff is handled directly where you buy the car and where you’re paying for the car.

The service center takes care of our customers, not the general public.

We offer insurance too. Our name reflects what we offer: Complete Autos. Everything a customer needs is offered in-house. We’re a full-service insurance agency. A customer can buy the car, finance the car, we fix the car, maintain the car, warranty the car and insure the car. We also provide rental cars.